Can I Afford a Tax Attorney

Affordable Texas Tax Attorneys

Tax matters of all sizes justify the expense associated with retaining a tax attorney. However, smaller cases may require the scope of the services be limited to make the cost sensible given the amount in controversy.

A tax attorney’s assistance typically results in tax savings substantially in excess of the tax owed–depending on what the tax attorney charges.

Some tax attorneys charge a flat hourly rate (with the large firms charging well in excess of $300 per hour). Other tax attorneys charge a percentage of the tax savings that result from their services (which is often 33%) and others charge a flat fee (which can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars).

We strive to provide high-quality tax services at below market rates. In most cases, we provide clients with the ability to choose which method of payment they are most comfortable with and which results in the most reasonable rate for both parties. With the hourly structure, we can give clients an upfront estimate of the time necessary to resolve the case based on our experience with the type of case. Similarly, we are open to negotiating a percentage or flat fee arrangement.

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