The Transupport, Inc. v. Commissioner, No. 17-1265 (1st Cir. 2018) case involved evidence that was not sufficient to support imposing a penalty, but the same evidence was sufficient to hold the taxpayer liable for the tax. The case provides an …..

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Communications with an attorney are generally protected from disclosure.  But what about client names?  And what power does the IRS have the power to force an attorney to disclose the names of his clients?  The court addressed this in U.S. …..

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If you take all of the steps to prepare and remit a tax return to the IRS except for placing it in the mail, is this sufficient to avoid a failure to timely file penalty?  There is case law suggesting …..

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The proceeds of criminal activities are taxable income. Money that is embezzled from an employer is taxable to the embezzling employee. But what about money transferred between friends with the agreement that one of them will invest the funds, but …..

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When it comes to fixing tax problems, procedural footfaults can make solving the problem even more difficult. Filing deadlines are an example. The Duggan v. Commissioner, No. 15-73819 (9th Cir. 2018), case provides an example. Facts & Procedural History In …..

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In Barnhart Ranch Co. v. Commissioner, No. 16-60834 (5th Cir. 2017), the court considered who was entitled to deduct expenses for cattle that were descended from cattle the taxpayers inherited and other cattle that were subsequently purchased. The case shows …..

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