Discharging Tax Debts in Bankruptcy: The Three Year Look-Back Period

Bankruptcy is often the best method of resolving unpaid tax debts. The U.S. Tax Court recently addressed one of the rules for discharging unpaid tax debts in bankruptcy in Lehman v. Commissioner, T.C. Summary Opinion 2008-83. In Lehman, the taxpayers initially …..

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Finding Tax Savings in a Lost Marriage: The Taxation of Alimony

If payments qualify as alimony pursuant to federal tax law, the payments may be tax deductible by the payor spouse and included in gross income to the payee spouse. If the payments do not qualify as alimony pursuant to federal …..

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IRS Recognizes Employee Tool and Equipment Plans

The IRS recently issued a Coordinated Issue Paper that sets out its view of what constitutes an acceptable Employee Tool and Equipment Plan. An Employee Tool and Equipment Plan is an agreement between an employer and one or more of …..

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The Private Trust Company

The IRS recently released Notice 2008-63 in advance of a formal Revenue Ruling. This Notice provides guidance on the federal tax implications of private trust companies and similar trust arrangements. Notice 2008-63 confirms that private trust companies generally do not …..

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New IRS Collection Tool: The “Disqualified Employment Tax Levy”

The IRS is generally required to give taxpayers notice of its intent to levy (or take) their property prior to it actually levying on the property.  Congress recently amended the Code to provide the IRS with a new type of …..

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Getting Interest Abated Can be Challenging

The IRS has the authority to abate or remove interest on tax liabilities; however, the process for getting the IRS to exercise this discretion can be challenging. The U.S. Tax Court describes this process in Select Steel, Inc. v. Commissioner, …..

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Unpaid Taxes and Assets Held by Third Parties

The IRS has broad powers to collect unpaid tax debts. This power is not unlimited. In Dalton v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2008-165, the U.S. Tax Court looks at one limitation on the IRS’s collection powers, namely, the IRS’s ability to …..

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