IRS Says Personal Expenses Paid by S Corp. Not Loan Repayments

If a Subchapter S corporation pays its shareholder’s personal expenses, can the payments be for the repayment of loans not subject to employment instead of wages subject to employment taxes? This is a common issue that has to be addressed …..

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Court Says Employer Entitled to Worker’s IRS Records

When the IRS determines that independent contractors are taxed as employees, it is up to the employer to show that the IRS determination is incorrect. One way to do this is to show that the workers paid tax even though …..

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Computing the Reportable Transaction Penalty

The Section 6707A reportable transaction penalty can be difficult to work with given the more limited avenues for contesting the penalty. The court addressed this in Bitter v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2017-46, in the context of a Section 412(i) plan. …..

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Court Decides Transfer Pricing Buy-in Payment Case

The transfer pricing disputes often involve transfers of property offshore. Taxpayers make these transfers so that the post-transfer profits earned from the offshored property are not subject to tax in the U.S. or, in many cases, not subject to tax …..

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Do Criminal Convictions Deter Employment Tax Crimes?

Failing to pay taxes to the government is a crime. This includes failing to pay employment taxes withheld by employers from employee wages. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (“TIGTA”) just released a report suggesting that the government has …..

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Taxpayers who own an interest in an S corporation but who are not familiar with the tax rules are often surprised to learn that they have to pay tax on the business profits even if they do not receive distributions …..

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