Our Tax Advisors Help Remedy False or Fraudulent Tax Returns

Filing false or fraudulent tax returns is both a state and federal crime. Taxpayers who are caught and convicted could face jail, substantial criminal fines and penalties, and then the assessment of the taxes–along with additional civil tax penalties and interest.

Generally, the government has the burden to prove the taxpayer made material misstatements involving their tax liability on their tax return in order to secure a criminal tax fraud conviction. State and federal courts make the ultimate determination as to whether a taxpayer made a material misstatement.

If the government is not confident that the court will find that the taxpayer made a material misstatement, then the government may prosecute the taxpayer under the state or federal perjury criminal statute. This is especially true where it is apparent or there is at least some evidence indicating that the taxpayer’s misstatement was inadvertent.

An experienced tax attorney can often help you avoid these problems.

We help taxpayers with false and fraudulent tax return matters.

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