We help Taxpayers to Resolve State and Local Tax Matters

State and local tax matters are often complex and difficult to resolve.

State, county, city and other political entities have the right to lay and collect taxes. The average taxpayer will be subject to state and local tax by various states, cities, and other local tax authorities.

Taxpayers often fail to plan for these types of multi-jurisdiction tax obligations. As a result, taxpayers often find themselves at the mercy of state and local tax authorities at a time when the state or local tax authority is aggressively looking for additional tax revenues.

The ensuing tax disputes often involve nexus (or connection to the state and local taxing authority) issues, Constitutional and jurisdictional issues, and state and local tax procedural defect issues.

Advanced planning can help taxpayers avoid many of these types of issues. Our firm frequently assists taxpayers with state and local tax planning, audits, and litigation.

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