Tax Preparer or CPA Malpractice

Recover Damages for Tax preparer or CPA Negligence and Malpractice

Tax preparer or CPA negligence and malpractice can cause taxpayers to incur civil and even criminal liability. While the law provides relief for taxpayers in these instances, taxpayers often find that they do not qualify for relief.

Taxpayers may be barred from pursuing a civil action against the tax preparer as a result of waiting too long to bring suit. The time period varies by state. In most cases the time period is from one to four years from the date that the mistake or negligence occurred. In other cases the time does not begin to run until the mistake or negligence is or should have been discovered by the taxpayer.

Taxpayers may also find that the contract that they signed when they had their tax returns prepared may bar the taxpayer from bringing a civil suit. In some instances taxpayers may discover that their tax preparer did not act negligently; rather, the tax preparer acted intentionally–they committed tax preparer fraud.

You should contact an experienced tax attorney as soon as you believe or discover that your tax preparer or CPA has acted negligently or committed malpractice or fraud. Our firm helps taxpayers recover from tax preparer errors; however, due to licensing restrictions and the need to be familiar with the court system, we limit our practice in this area to Texas and Texas tax preparer matters.

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