September 13, 2005

The IRS Did What?

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We all make mistakes. The IRS often prosecutes taxpayers who make mistakes. On the other hand taxpayers occasionally prosecute the IRS when its employees make mistakes. This brings me to the case of Ward v. United States, a Texas Springs case.

Ward is a case where the IRS seized a taxpayers retail business that was located in the Texas Springs mall. The taxpayer alleged that shortly after the seizure several IRS employees unlawfully disclosed the taxpayers confidential tax return information. The government admitted that its employees unlawfully disclosed the taxpayer’s confidential tax return information when IRS employees participated in a live radio talk show program, when IRS employees provided a fact sheet to the television program Inside Edition, and when an IRS employee wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. The Texas District Court awarded the taxpayer $325,000 in damages, which was $111 more than the initial tax assessed against the taxpayer.

For once I don’t think any commentary is necessary. This case seems to speak for itself.

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